The holistic one View of your assets. Thanks to our network we offer the following services:

We support and advise you if you would like to make your own investment decisions. The basis is an individual investment profile from which you can define a strategy with us. We take care of the entire administrative implementation, from issuing and monitoring orders to risk analysis and reporting.

If you would like to delegate investment decisions to us, we will define your very personal investment strategy with you. Your goals are always in the foreground. Our investment process is structured, from strategic asset allocation to reporting.

Women often go through life cycles more differently than men, be it through interrupting employment, starting a family, returning to work, divorce or widowhood. Aquila Vermögensverwaltung Zürich AG offers financial services that focus specifically on the needs of women.

When purchasing or selling a property in Switzerland, we will be happy to provide you with advice, be it in exploring financing options, in the sale or in tax aspects. Benefit from our excellent network of real estate agents and financing partners.

Planning the phase of life after you end your working life is a central topic in our holistic consulting approach. In this area too, we provide advice independently of product providers and develop a concept tailored to your personal needs.

The transfer of wealth to the next generation must be carefully planned and prepared. Succession planning is an important aspect of the life cycle of every investor or entrepreneur. We support you in this, if necessary with the help of external specialists.

A second opinion is always valuable. We would be happy to analyze your existing securities portfolio in terms of structure and costs or in the overall context of your assets. We also analyze financial products based on their composition and highlight opportunities and risks.

To ensure holistic support, we have a large network of internal and external specialists. Aquila Vermögensverwaltung Zürich AG has excellent contacts with banks, lawyers, trustees and tax advisors.