Aquila Flash
20190912 Monetary Policy Fireworks
20190826 China unveils retaliatory tariffs
20190822 Record-low interest rates ...
20190805 The Fed cuts its key policy interest rate by 25 basis points
20190402 Deep Thought Monetary Policy
20181011 A “Fire Sale“ in the Stock Markets
20181002 Flash Update October 
20180903 Is the weakness of the Swedish krona overdone?
20180828 Upcoming Bavarian elections ...
20180628 Increasing trade hostilities and the net withdrawal
20180614 The Italian government‘s finances could spiral out of control.
20180529 Italy’s politics unsettle the markets 
20180403 Trump’s war on enforced knowledge transfer.
20180301 A critical time for Europe: GROKO and the Italian elections
20180129 The US-Dollar’s current weakness doesn’t mean that it can’t fall ...
20180123 US deregulates, cuts taxes and raises the competitive pressure on the EU
20170929 German electorate sceptical about further European integration
20170907 The synchronized global upswing has gained strength in the third quarter
20170813 Korean stocks and the won haven’t „priced in“ a sharp increase in risk
20170802 Broad-based and synchronized acceleration in global growth
20170710 Broad-based and synchronized acceleration in global growth
20170421 France and the problems of political ”cohabitation”
20170330 The beach, the ice cream sellers and our overweight in European equities
20170316 China, US interest rate trends 
20161206 Outlook 2017
20161129 Italy threatens to produce another Eurozone crisis
20161013 A market correction threatens
20160717 “Winter is coming” – but not quite yet
20160711 Consumer stocks – a key component of equity portfolios
20160518 UK referendum on Brexit
20160419 Six hurdles for the market
20160329 The ECB and the Bank of Japan have driven themselves into a corner
20160307 The pressure on financial markets from China will abate
20160225 The influence of oil price movements on financial markets is set to fall
20160208 Central Banks lose control of the equity markets
20160108 The panic on stock markets is overdone
20151221 Outlook 2016
20151125 What will drive the equity markets in 2016?
20151105 Are equities about to crash?
20151014 Helicopter money highly dangerous
20151002 8 points for q4 2015
20150925 The swiss franc
20150825 The big picture has not changed
20150819 Greece's problems have not gone away
20150728 China is a fertile ground for those wanting to spread panic among investors
20150708 8 points for q3 2015
20150601 The snb needs to reinstate some currency link to stabilize the franc
20150513 Higher volatility in safe haven bonds is here to stay
20150429 Japan economic reform program is not working
20150422 Only another aid package can save greece from bankruptcy
20150415 8 points for q2  2015
20150325 Is it time to cut back on equities
20150310 The ecb has to buy bonds aggressively if it is to meet its qe target
20150223 Geopolitical risks
20150211 World economy will do fairly well this year
20150128 Swiss stocks to move with the eurchf
20150113 How long can the snb keep its floor of 1.20 against the eur?

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